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Arthur Pack Regional Park Electrical and Sport Lighting Upgrades
04/20/11 - 2:00
Pima County
Sealed bids will be received for construction of the ARTHUR PACK REGIONAL PARK ELECTRICAL AND SPORT LIGHTING UPGRADES project. Sealed bids shall be delivered by the date and time indicated below to the Pima County Procurement Department offices located in the County Administration Building, 130 West Congress Street, 3rd Floor, Tucson, Arizona 85701. Bids must be accompanied by a surety bond of ten percent (10%) of the amount of the bid. The project located at 9101 N. Thornydale Road, Tucson, Arizona consists of all work materials, equipment and labor required to furnish and install sport field lighting for existing fields #1 thru #5 according to the Plans and Special Provisions prepared by GLHN Architects & Engineers, Inc. dated March 4, 2011. The lighting level for the fields shall be as indicated in the specifications. New sport field lighting controls to be provided for existing fields #1 thru #5. Existing fields #6 and #7 shall have new lighting controls. Existing power distribution fields #6 and #7 shall remain. The new controller shall be as indicated in the specifications. This project includes one Alternate as follows: Alternate No. 1: The East and West existing parking lot fixtures shall be controlled from the new sport field controller. The estimated cost for this project for all work for the project is approximately $700,000.00 including the Alternate. No work may begin on site prior to June 15, 2011. All work including work for the alternate is to be c