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Bonita Water Line Phase IV V
06/25/20 - 2:00
Phase IV of the Bonita pipeline replacement project consists of replacement of approximately 6,700 linear feet of 10-inch diameter pipe with a 12-inch diameter pipe. Phase IV begins approximately 350 feet southwest of the intersection of Lone Star Road and US Highway 70, and continues east to the terminus of the Phase III. The proposed alignment of the new 12-inch diameter Phase IV pipeline is indicated on Figure 2, Bonita Phase IV & V Alignment, and follows an alignment that is essentially parallel to the existing 10-inch diameter pipeline. The proposed Phase IV pipeline project will include one boring beneath the Arizona Eastern Railroad (AZER) adjacent to the west of the intersection of Lone Star Road and US Highway 70. The existing railroad will be bored using a 30-inch diameter schedule 20 steel casing pipe. The carrier pipe within the casing pipe will be a 12-inch diameter class 350 restrained joint ductile iron pipe. Phase V of the 10-inch diameter Bonita pipeline replacement project consists of the replacement of approximately 8,500 linear feet of pipe with a 12-inch diameter pipe. Phase V will keep the same existing pipeline alignment along Lonestar Road. The proposed pipeline will commence east of the intersection of Highway 191 on Lonestar Road, then continue to the west along Lonestar Road and connect to the west end of the Phase IV water pipeline. Two above ground wash crossings are planned for the Phase V portion of the project. The eastern crossing will be across Stockton Wash. The western crossing will be across Graveyard Wash. Both portions of the project shall include all excavation, bedding, backfill, pavement, and patching necessary to complete the work in accordance with the project plans and specifications. Additional improvements as shown on the Drawings and noted in the Specifications shall be required.
5/27/2020 10:00