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2020 Novato Creek Maintenance Sediment Removal Wetland Enhancement
06/12/20 - 2:00
Marin County
Work will include removal of approximately 34,925 cubic yards of sediment from the creek bed of Novato Creek and its tributaries along the project reach, a second thin-lift layer on ¾ acres of the existing Ecotone levee located Deer Island Basin at the West Basin Cross Levee, stabilization of 95 linear feet of the existing right bank of Novato Creek located 90 feet downstream of the Railroad Bridge SMART tracks, and raising existing subsided elevations within Heron’s Beak Pond to support muted tidal wetlands. The removal of sediment within Novato Creek and its tributaries will be reused within the Ecotone levee and Heron’s Beak Pond. The sediment removal consists of 5,630 linear feet of Novato Creek from Diablo Ave. to 500-feet downstream of the Railroad Bridge SMART tracks, 1,780 linear feet of Warner Creek from Diablo Ave. to the confluence with Novato Creek, and 680 linear feet of Arroyo Avichi Creek from South Novato Blvd. to the confluence with Novato Creek. The base bid will include sediment removal within Novato Creek and the two tributaries upstream of Redwood Boulevard and the bid alternate will include the removal of additional sediment within Novato Creek from Redwood Boulevard to the downstream limit located 500-feet downstream of the Railroad Bridge. Channel bottom widths vary from 20-feet to 125-feet with approximately 3-feet of accumulated sediment. Work shall be performed using draglines, excavators, dozers, and dump trucks. Final grading work is to be done with dozers and graders upstream of Redwood Blvd. All new construction and dredging will occur in the creek bed during the low flow period of July – October 15, 2020. All spoils removed will be trucked and placed at approved locations within the ecotone levee, and Heron’s Beak Pond. Excess material may be placed on top of Lynwood levee and at the Marsh Drive Storage area in Novato. Any material stockpiled within the project site and all material deposited at the disposal sites shall be maintained by the Contractor using best management practices to ensure this material is not discharged into the surrounding wetlands. Felix Meneau For project plans and specifications email
  • 05 18 20 - Bid date changed to 5/29
  • 06 02 20 - Bid date changed to 6/12
5/7/2020 10:00