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(DESIGN BUILD) Beardsley Water Reclamation Facility Expansion
06/4/20 - 5:00
AWARD JUNE 2020: Headworks/Preliminary Treatment: Replacement of the bar screen and grit chamber equipment in No. 2 position. • Influent Pump Station: Replacement of five (5) influent pumps and VFDs to increase capacity. Increase the size of the existing flowmeter from 14” to 20”. • Aeration Basins: Provide provisions for draining all zones, installation of two (2) new anoxic mixer drives and upgrades to the IMLR configuration. • Existing Secondary Clarifiers: Provide provisions for draining at flow metering vault and for effluent weir cleaning. • New Secondary Clarifiers: Construct new splitter structure to feed new clarifiers. Construct two (2) new 70-foot diameter clarifiers. Demolish abandoned oxidation ditch, secondary clarifier and chlorine contact basin. • RAS/WAS Pump Station: Construct new RAS/WAS pump station. • Tertiary Filtration: Construct one additional traveling bridge filter. Retrofit existing traveling bridge filters with surface skimmers. • UV Disinfection: Construct new parallel effluent channel. Replace existing Trojan UV4000 system with new in‐channel UV System. Install two (2) additional sodium hypochlorite feed pumps and install new sodium bisulfite dechlorination system. • Effluent Pumping: Expand existing Effluent Pump Station and install two new effluent pumps. Upgrade existing ammonia/nitrate analyzer. • Recharge: Construct two (2) new recharge basins. • Electrical/Instrumentation/SCADA: Install new 800 kW generator, transformer, and associated conductors. Remove & replace obsolete PLCs. Upgrade data collection and reporting software. • Site Improvements: Paving of dirt parking area to the west of the administration building. Mill and fill of asphalt in existing parking areas and drive aisles including replacement of broken curb, spot drainage improvements (as needed) and re-striping of parking spaces. Replace gate motors and access control panels at the north and south entrances. Improvements include the demolition and removal of old or abandoned plant components that are no longer in use, including old concrete pads. • Reclaimed Water Pump Station: Construction of a new reclaimed water pump station to deliver treated effluent to a reservoir in North Peoria.
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5/7/2020 9:00