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(DESIGN BUILD) Continental Ranch Regional Pump Station Force Main Augmentation
04/10/20 - 5:00
Pima County
AWARD FEB 2020: The CRRPS is located approximately one half mile east of Silverbell Road, halfway between Twin Peaks Road and Avra Valley Road. The facility serves the area downstream of the Tres Rios Wastewater Reclamation Facility (WRF), that being roughly from Ina Road north along both sides of Silverbell Road to one-half mile south of Avra Valley Road west of Interstate 10 and the area west of Camino de Oeste and east of an extension of Blue Bonnet Road east of Interstate 10. The CRRPS delivers wastewater to the Tres Rios WRF by means of an 18-inch diameter High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) force main routed generally along the west bank of the Santa Cruz River to Cortaro Road, to Silverbell Road, to Ina Road and then along the south side of Ina Road to the Tres Rios WRF. The majority of the route, approximately 4 miles north of Cortaro Road, is in an utility easement along the riverside park, close to residential areas. The remaining pipeline, approximately 3 miles, is in the public rights-of-way of Cortaro Road, Silverbell Road and Ina Road ending at the WRF. During construction of the 18-inch force main at the crossing of the Santa Cruz River south of Ina Road, two 48-inch diameter sleeves were installed. The southern sleeve contains the 18-inch force main currently in use. The northern sleeve contains a 24-inch HDPE pipe for the future force main. The addition of two new force mains will add capacity, operational flexibility and redundancy to the pump station operations.
  • 12 11 19 - Qual based contract, award in Feb 2020
  • 02 11 20 - Per rep, award in April
11/19/2019 9:00